Partition wall Beefer Twin Pro

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Delivery of the partition for the Beefer Twin Pro will take place in the order of receipt of orders from mid-September 2022.

Simsala partition

The intermediate wall, made entirely of stainless steel, turns a Beefer Twin Pro into two independent cooking chambers in the blink of an eye, which can be used completely independently of each other thanks to the two controllers. Instead of the 2/3 GastroNorm trays, you can now use the 1/4 GN grids, trays and so on with your Twin Pro. With the separate controllers, you can also leave one burner off, for example, if one burner is enough for you, or create two different temperature zones to grill vegetables or fish on one side and the perfect steak right next to it. The partition will be delivered, like the devices of the Twin Pro series from mid-September 2022.

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Weight : 4kg
Size : 35 x 40 x 4 cm

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